Must Have Cannabis Accessories for 420 Connoisseurs on Vancouver Island

Get ready to elevate your experience in anticipation of the upcoming annual celebration with a curated selection of 420 accessories vetted by the Flight Cannabis team.  

Whether you are prepping for ways to show your green pride in time for this year’s high holiday, or looking to treat yourself to the latest in high-tech toking accessories, we’ve rounded up some of our favourites you can pick up at our Nanaimo and Langford locations today. 

Discover Vancouver Island’s Finest Vaping Devices: 

CRAFTY Plus product picture

CRAFTY+ by Storz & Bickel

Vape in style with this German-designed vaporizer that combines a patented technology involving convection and conduction heating that ensures an even airflow, heating, and seamless enjoyment when you inhale. Whether you’ve been vaping for a while, or are relatively new to the nuanced world of cannabis, this battery-powered tool provides perfect air and flavour flow to extend your experience.

The Wand – Magnetic Induction e-Nail by Ispire

Touted as one of the hottest new technologies to ensure you enjoy the best experience with cannabis concentrates, this cutting-edge dabbing accessory uses induction heating to allow the user optimal control. The Wand allows users to heat the borosilicate glass bangers with concentrate (minus the flame) and adds the ability to regulate temperatures so you’ll always get the perfect hit. Use it in auto or manual mode and reach temperatures between 450° and 800°F. Easily recharge The Wand using a convenient USB port and long-lasting batteries. 

SharpStone product picture

Get an Even Grind:

SharpStone Version 2.0 Grinder

SharpStone Grinder has redesigned this version of the original to create an upgraded, top-quality grinder with a beautiful 4-piece ergo design. Using the newest in CNC machine technology and aircraft-grade aluminum rods, SharpStone razor-sharp diamond-cutting blades offer a clean grind without friction. Powerful neodymium magnets keep the pieces in place, minimizing wear and smudge marks. A pollen scraper and protective carrying case are included for prolonged use. 

Sandblasted 12” Squared Glass Tube Bong by Milky Way

This frosted glass tube bong is stylish and durable—and one you’ll reach for again and again. Looks aside, it’s nicely weighted at 9mm thick, and features an etched square grid design for an anti-slip grip (something we think might come in handy when in use).  Its 12-inch length provides for a long, smooth inhale experience, as well as plenty of room to chill things down if you’re looking for a cold-fusion take on your toke.  

Qomo Electronic Dab-Rig by XMAX

They sell online, but our price is still $10 better than their sale price!

Possibly the smallest portable dab-rig on the market, the Qomo mini dab-rig packs a punch when it comes to providing a smooth smoke experience when enjoying concentrates. Its ultra-compact design makes it discreet (it’ll fit in the palm of your hand), yet still easy to use and straightforward to assemble. In fact, it comes with the atomizer, carb cap, and splash guard already attached to the battery, and includes a bubbler and USB cable with an extra silicone O-ring. Featuring three temperature settings and a 10-second pre-heat function, the Qomo mini dab-rig performs.

Roll With It:

Juicy Jay Bubble Gum Flavour Rolling Papers

Add just a hint of succulent juicy bubble gum flavour to your next roll with these 1 ¼ hemp-based papers that are specifically designed to enhance the natural flavours of your smoking experience. Known for their “triple-dipped” flavouring system that adds a unique sweetness to the papers guaranteed to have your mouth watering.

King Palm Berry Terps Mini Pre-Rolls (2-PK) 

These Cordia leaves are tobacco-free, and made without preservatives, artificial flavours, or glue for a pure smoking experience. They feature a unique corn husk filter that is as flexible as you need it to be to ensure you get a flavourful, tight, and cool draw when smoking.  With a one-year fresh guarantee, King Palm Berry Terps deliver long-lasting quality and can be stored for quite a while. 

Spark Up With Ease:

Pre-Roll E-Lighter by Green Jay

Light up with ease anywhere you need, thanks to this pocket-friendly lighter we love. Available in a variety of colours, this windproof lighter provides an even heating experience and features a smooth hand-feel for a combustion-free solution to spark your pre-rolls wherever you go (up to 50 lights). Bonus: it’s rechargeable (standard USB) and features an auto-close system for added safety. 

Pre-Roll E-Lighter product picture

Hemp Wick Lighter Sleeves

The I-Tal Original Hemp Wick Lighter Sleeve is the tool you never knew you wanted to ensure a smooth hit every time. Made to easily wrap around a standard BIC lighter, this organic sleeve fits like a glove. Coated in beeswax, the Hemp Wick provides a clean, non-toxic, and butane-free smoking experience while prolonging the life of your lighter.  What’s not to love? 

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