5 Fool-Proof Ways to Start Cooking with Cannabis

The world of culinary cannabis is a growing one and can feel daunting for those unsure how to cook with cannabis.

If you’ve ever dabbled with edibles, it’s very likely involved the classic pot brownie.  Since the advent of cannabis legalization, people have been pushing the boundaries of edibles and are creating exciting and delicious cannabis-infused cuisine. You don’t need to be a chef to cook with cannabis, but you can make the process as smooth as butter with these tips and tricks. We’re here to show you five fool-proof ways to get you cooking with cannabis today!


1. Cooking with Cannabis using Cannabis-Infused Butter or Oil

Cannabutter made with cannabis and butter

Infusing butter or oil with cannabis is a tried-and-true method for cooking with cannabis so we thought it would be a great place to start.  Canna-butter can be used to replace the butter in baking recipes, melted on roasted veggies, or added to pasta. Cannabis oil is great for stir-fry’s, salad dressings, or making pesto!

Of course, the first step is to choose which flower you’ll be using. Whether you chose an Indica, Sativa, or a hybrid blend, any flower will work for this cooking medium, so experiment with different strains and have fun with it! Check out our Strain Guide on our website to learn about different strains. Find our recommendations at the bottom of this article.

If you’d like to make your own cannabis-infused butter, check out the recipe here.


2. Cooking with Cannabis using Cannabis-Infused Honey

cannabis-infused honey goes well with your evening tea

Honey is an extremely versatile and easy addition to your edible cannabis collection – not to mention it’s sweet and delicious! Drizzle it over grilled cheese, add it to your tea, or use it as a sugar replacement in your favourite baking recipes.

Same as the cannabis-infused butter above, you’ll be using flower to create your infusion. Again, depending on your preference, you can use any strain of cannabis and you can also play around with different terpenes to see which works best for you.

Find our recommendations below! If you’d like to make your own cannabis-infused honey, check out the recipe here.


3. Cooking with Cannabis using THC and CBD Oils

Cannabis-infused Chai Cream Cheese Frosting in a glass bowl with a marijuana leaf, and cinnamon buns

If you want a super easy, dosage-controlled method to apply to your cooking with cannabis, then there’s almost no easier way to go than using a CBD or THC oil from behind our counter. This is also a great method to use if you don’t want to experience the psychoactive effects that THC can produce by opting for a CBD oil.

Check out our recommendations below! Cooking with cannabis oil works well for both sweet and savory recipes.  All you need to do is add your preferred dose to the oil or fat used in the recipe, such as olive oil, butter, coconut oil, etc. Just be sure to avoid adding your oil directly to high heat as it can potentially make CBD less effective.

Experts recommend adding it after you’ve finished cooking.  For example, instead of adding it to a cake batter, add it to the icing instead!

Try this delicious Cannabis-infused Chai Cream Cheese Frosting recipe! It’s amazing on cinnamon buns, carrot cake, and cupcakes!


4. Cooking with Cannabis using Dissolvable Powder

Not only are dissolvable cannabinoids the easiest of all the cooking methods, but it’s also the best option if you just can’t get on board with that distinct cannabis flavour. It has no flavour or distinct scent, and it’s water-soluble making it extremely diverse. While relatively new on the cannabis market, it’s already making waves and has the potential to revolutionize the edible cannabis market.

A cousin to dissolvable THC Cannabis Powder is CBD Concentrates. CBD Concentrates come in many forms, but we’re going to focus on crystal isolates as they are much easier to cook with as they tend to come in the form of a white “crystalline” powder. Similar to the dissolvable powder, it’s flavourless, scentless, and ready to be added to the fat component of your recipe.

Get started with dissolvable powder today and start with this delicious mocktail recipe.


5. Dosing While Cooking with Cannabis

cannabis and cbd oil concentrates in pill form with marijuanna leaf

Cooking with cannabis is a great way to incorporate CBD or THC cannabinoids into your ‘diet’ without having to go the traditional route of smoking and inhaling it. Keep in mind that dosing accurately when making homemade edibles can be difficult, and as always, we recommend the ‘start low, go slow’ mentality when trying a new product or form of cannabis.

When making an infused butter, oil, or honey, we recommend sampling ¼ teaspoon of the finished infusion on a cracker and waiting an hour to see how you react to the dose. Depending on how you feel, you can increase or decrease the amount of your cannabis-infused product as desired. You can use this as a benchmark for calculating how much of your infusion to use in your recipe.

Cooking with pre-made cannabis oils and dissolvable powders is much easier as you can accurately measure out your dose and apply it to your cooking based on the number of servings you’re preparing.


If you love baking, cooking, or mixing cocktails, cooking with cannabis is a great way to explore your canna-creativity and discover something new and delicious!

As always, if you have any questions about which products, dosage, or you just want to talk to someone knowledgeable to bounce some ideas off of, visit our store and speak to one of our expert budtenders.

Happy cooking!

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