8 Tasty Cannabis Infused Drinks You Should Try!

One of the most quickly expanding categories of cannabis products is the THC and CBD beverage – now available at your local cannabis retailer!

Much like the edibles currently available, the maximum active cannabinoids found in a drink are going to be 10mg for THC. Although there isn’t formally any legal cap on how much CBD can be present (the non-intoxicating compound in cannabis), you typically will not see more than 20mg in one single beverage. As we will explore further on, there are many cannabis infused beverages to choose from. Setlzers, “beers” and even kombucha are a part of the growing array of canna-canned drinks.

Despite this being a newly resurfacing fad, drinking cannabis was actually one of the first observed methods of consumption. Known around the world by many names such as Bhang (India), Mafeisan (China), Assis/Esrar (Russia), or Sabzi (Persia), cannabis leaves were ground and/or boiled before being added to milk, alcohol, or other herbs

Everie cannabis CBD Drink

How are cannabis beverages made? 

In generalized terms, any food or beverage can be infused with some form of activated cannabis concentrate. Most of the extracts used in today’s beverages begin with CO2 extraction, which is a very clean and effective way to extract the active compounds from the cannabis plant. The end product is then typically run through a process called short-path distillation, which refines the product in a vacuum sealed environment under high heat to obtain a more purified extract.

The end product, whether CBD or THC, is a lipophilic (i.e., fat-soluble) agent, and will require emulsification in order to mix evenly into a water-based beverage. A variety of blending agents can be used, such as Lecithin or Pectin, or a more advanced technology known as nano-emulsification.

What is nano-emulsification?

The definition of nanotechnology by the CDC is, “the manipulation of matter on a near-atomic scale to produce new structures, materials, and devices”. From a nutritional standpoint, smaller molecules imply faster absorption, as the particles can now begin to cross into the bloodstream beginning in the mouth and stomach as opposed to waiting for the nutrients to be broken down in the intestine for absorption.

Beverages that utilize nano-encapsulation of the THC or CBD molecules can be felt in as little as 6 minutes, compared to 30 – 60 minutes for other drinks or edibles using straight distillate. Another benefit is that nano-emulsions typically stay in suspension much easier, which means none of the good stuff is going to settle down at the bottom of your can or bottle. The downside is that most nanoemulsions have a very bitter taste, which may or may not be worth the faster onset.

How are cannabis beverages different than alcohol?

For cannabis beverages, it can take anywhere from 6 minutes to 2 hours to begin to feel the effects of a cannabis-infused drink, and the effects may last for up to 12 hours. Unlike aclohol, the experience is very individualized.

If you are consuming a CBD-only drink, the mental effects should be very minimal. This compound is completely non-intoxicating but may give the consumer a sense of relaxation and help to relieve physical and mental discomfort, closer to other naturally calming herbs such as chamomile, valerian root, or skullcap.

THC drinks have the potential to give individuals different “highs”. Visuals and experiences of euphoria are common when consuming a THC-dominant drink. We always recommend starting low and going slow to make sure you feel great and avoid any of the unwanted dizziness or anxiety that can come along with over-consumption. 

How is drinking cannabis different that eating or smoking it?

Unlike other ways to enjoy cannabis which require heat (i.e., smoking, vaping, dabbing) our lineup of cannabis infused drinks are best enjoyed refreshingly cold! They can be enjoyed discreetly with no smoke or chance of a contact high to others, too.

Beverages are a perfect method to enjoy the benefits that cannabinoids have to offer for individuals who don’t want to smoke, have a difficult time swallowing capsules, or dislike the taste of ingestible oils.

If you’re new to cannabis infused drinks, check out the many types available now in-store and online (shop online for Nanaimo or Langford locations)! You’re sure to find your favourite flavour, and favourite cannabis experience. 


1. Imitation Beer

We carry at least 4 different flavours of cannabis-infused malted beverages that have a very similar look and taste to classic beer. Pick up a couple of Bedfellows IPA or Mollo Lime the next time you want to share a cold one with a friend instead of heading to the liquor store.
Hexo | Mollo 5 Lime | 355 mL

Hexo | Mollo 5 Lime | 355 mL

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2. Infused soda 

Watching a movie? How about a classic pop to accompany your munchies! These 10mg THC cans of root beer, orange soda, or cola flavoured pops by Sweet Justice are sure to elevate your movie nights. Look out for these next time you’re in-store, we always have new flavours coming in!

Sweet Justice OG Cola soda can cannabis and thc infusedA


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3. Sparkling water

Many different brands offer a nice line-up of low sugar sparkling drinks such as the Quatreau CBD beverages (Cucumber mint, and Passionfruit Guava). These are THC-free and taste incredible!

Quatreau | Cucumber + Mint | 355ml

Quatreau | Cucumber + Mint 355ml

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4. Seltzer 

Big in the alcohol industry right now, seltzers are very similar to other sparkling drinks, but uses water free from minerals and additives. Our Everie strawberry or grapefruit seltzers are chilled to enjoy on their own or use as the base for any of your other mocktails.

Everie | Strawberry CBD Seltzer Water

Everie | Strawberry CBD Seltzer Water

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5. Shots 

Conveniently packaged in small pocketable glass containers, our lineup of CBD and THC shots is growing month after month. These are great for taking on a hike, or perhaps for a quick recovery after a workout at the gym. Unlike the larger cans, you can actually buy much more of these in one visit because of the lower volume.

Fuse Mango Cannabis infused shot bottle

FUSE | Mango Nano Shot

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6. Kombucha

Have you heard of this fermented wonder-drink? Another centuries-old traditional beverage has made a huge comeback in the modern health movement, and the Impromptu CBD Gojo Grapefruit kombucha delivers a nice 20mg dose of CBD with 2mg of THC with other fantastically fruity ingredients to create a nice balanced taste.

Kombucha CBD edible drink bottle with 2mg THC

IMPROMPTU | CBD Goji Grapefruit Kombucha

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7. Juice / Iced Tea

If carbonation isn’t your thing there are a variety of other options such as the Tweed or Summit flavoured Iced Teas or the Verse Rapid Tropical Rush, using nano-encapsulation for that quick release of THC in your system.

Rapid Tropical Rush edible drinkable cannabis drink 10 mg

Rapid Tropical Rush | 10mg

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8. Powdered mixes

For mixing your own beverages at home, we offer flavoured and un-flavoured powder that can be added to water or other beverages for a very convenient way to get cannabinoids in your system. Try the Rad Refreshers in assorted fruit flavours, or the sugar free organic tasteless powder from The Green Organic Dutchman.  

RAD Refresher drink cannabis infused powder in the raspberry flavour

Rad | CBD Blue Raspberry Refresher Drink Mix

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