How to Elevate Intimacy with Cannabis

Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, or just a casual Tuesday night… Get playful and experiment with these fun ways to enhance your arousal using cannabis in the bedroom. Just because flights are grounded these days, doesn’t mean you can’t join the mile-high club.

Delicious Chocolate Covered Strawberries using THC Cannabis Oil

Try this edible 420 treat on Valentine’s Day Are you interested in adding a little romance to your cannabis explorations? Consider using Cannabis THC chocolates and experience how cannabis can enhance your intimacy in the bedroom.

The Seductive THC Mocktail You Must Try This Valentine’s Day!

The Sparkling Pom: a cannabis infused mocktail using TCH Tinctures to bring a little intimacy to your next date night. Who says you need alcohol to enjoy a little romantic buzz? Try this exciting alternative to the traditional cocktail using cannabis.

You’ve Heard of Craft Beer, What About Craft Cannabis?

British Columbia has a long history with cannabis – something Flight celebrates by prioritizing small-batch, BC-grown product. These are cultivated craft cannabis products with highly sought-after characteristics, including smell, colour and texture.