Cannabis Strain: Mint Chocolate Chip

Cannabis Strain: Mint Chocolate Chip

Strain Type:  Balanced Hybrid

Strain Lineage: Mystery Cookies X Green Ribbon BX

Terpenes: Caryophyllene, Farnasene, Myrcene, Limonene, Linalool

Staff Recommendation: Jameson, Flight Nanaimo

As delicious and decadent as it sounds, Mint Chocolate Chip has dense, resin-laden buds that beg to be busted. Once you do, you’ll reveal a unique skunkiness interwoven in an herbaceous, sweet aroma. Upon smoking this beauty, you will be delighted to experience a cool mint and subtle chocolate flavor with a slightly tangy exhale.

Winning the 2022 Unicorn Cup, this is an impressive strain that wins over both Sativa and Indica lovers because it’s great for solo or social adventures! The effects are energetic and clear, venturing into a sedative body effect as time goes on. Whether you’re trying to enjoy a day at home relaxing or socializing with your besties, treat yourself to this tasty strain and you will thank us later.

Cannabis Strain: Holy Grail Kush

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Cannabis Strain: Atomic Sour Grapefruit

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Cannabis Strain: Sage N’ Sour

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