Exploring the Origins of 4/20 and How Flight is Celebrating

4/20: A Cannabis Holiday

Flight Cannabis is proud to be a part of the cannabis culture on Vancouver Island, and as the legalization of cannabis in Canada continues to evolve, we believe it’s important to understand the history of one of the most iconic cannabis-related terms — 4/20

The Origin of 4:20

The origins of 4:20 are somewhat hazy, but it’s generally believed to have started in the 1970s in California. A group of five teens who used to hang out by a wall outside their San Rafael school—a meeting spot that inspired their nickname, “the Waldos.”

In the fall of 1971, the Waldos learned of a Coast Guard member who had planted a cannabis plant and could no longer tend to the crop. Provided with a treasure map (some say by the plant’s owner himself) supposedly leading to the abandoned product, the group would meet at the Louis Pasteur statue outside their high school at least once a week conduct a search.

Their meeting time? 4:20 p.m, after practice (they were all athletes).

The Waldos would pile into a car, smoke some pot and scour the nearby Point Reyes Forest for the elusive, free herb. They would callout “4:20” in the school hallways to remind each other of their meet ups.

They never did score the free bud, but perhaps they stumbled on to something more lasting? The term 4:20 was coined, allowing the high schoolers to discuss smoking pot without their parents or teachers knowing

A Cannabis Holiday Was Born

Over the years, the term 4:20 was used more and more often until it became widely associated with cannabis. Eventually, April 20th became an unofficial day of celebration and protest, where cannabis users would come together to share their love for the pungent plant. As the day became more and more widely known, and the celebrations larger and larger,  people became emboldened, often meeting in a public space to protest the criminalization of cannabis and advocate for reform by “lighting up” at the same time on the same day. At 4:20 on the 20th of April, smokers, tokers, enjoyers of edibles, and so many more would gather in public spaces, campuses, or outside government buildings and consume cannabis in public.

From Beacon Hill to Ottawa, cannabis users around Canada and the world would stand in solidarity, risking criminal offenses or even imprisonment in some places. In some cities, like Vancouver, the tradition became an annual festival drawing vendors and crowds in the thousands. As the holiday grew in popularity, so did the the overwhelming number of participants, until eventually, it became unreasonable for law enforcement to risk a public riot by cracking down on a relatively harmless event. The year before legalization, huge gatherings across Canada showed the world that 4:20 was no longer a casual code word, but a full blown holiday.

A New Canadian Tradition

Since cannabis was legalized in Canada in 2018, the meaning of 4/20 has evolved. While it still represents a time to enjoy cannabis for some people, it’s also become a symbol of the growing acceptance and normalization of cannabis use. 4/20 is now celebrated as a day to promote education and awareness about cannabis, to advocate for cannabis legalization, reform, and to honour the rich culture and history of the plant.

How We’re Celebrating

At Flight Cannabis, we’re proud to be a part of this new era of cannabis culture. We believe in promoting responsible cannabis use, educating our customers, and supporting our local community. Whether you’re a long-time cannabis user or new to the world of cannabis, we invite you to come visit us and discover the many benefits that this amazing plant has to offer. To mark the occasion, we’re offering 15% off store-wide.

So on this 4/20, let’s celebrate the progress we’ve made and look forward to a future where cannabis is embraced as a positive force for good in our lives and our communities. Whether you’re lighting up at 4:20 pm or simply enjoying the beauty of Vancouver Island, we wish you a happy and safe 4/20!



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Learn More

If you have questions about cannabis or 4/20, come ask us in our Nanaimo or Langford store! Our knowledgeable team will be happy to help you out and provide personalized recommendations. If it’s your first time or you’ve been enjoying cannabis for years, our team will be able to help you find the perfect product for your special celebration.

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