Flight Langford


#101-977 Langford Parkway,
Victoria, BC, V9B 0A5


Sunday to Wednesday | 9am – 9pm
Thursday to Saturday | 9am – 10pm


Conceptualized in the early days of Legalization and officially opened to the public in August of 2020, Flight Cannabis has become Langford’s premiere cannabis retailer. We pride ourselves on our approachable & inviting atmosphere, highly knowledgeable & engaging Cannabis Consultants and finally our highly curated selection of cannabis products offering something for everyone’s discernible taste.

Meet The Team

Have you met our Flight Crew yet? These trained experts will guide you through our carefully curated selection of cannabis and ensure that you’re getting exactly what you need.

Joel Ferguson


Joel has made Vancouver Island his home for over 25 years and has grown to truly appreciate all the wonders that cannabis has brought to his life. As a young father, Joel learned very quickly the stress relieving qualities of cannabis and has grown value all aspects of it.


Joel is excited to try new products and his genuine approach to sharing his experience with any cannabis enthusiast is evident when you meet him. Joel and his team of cannabis consultants are friendly, welcoming and are ready to offer an honest and transparent recommendation to anyone who asks.

Preferred Method of Consumption: Pre-rolls, Pipe, Concentrates

Go-to Strains: Pink Kush, Rockstar Kush, SFV OG Kush, GG#4


Senior Supervisor
Haley has been in the cannabis industry for quite a few years now and still finds enjoyment from learning more about cannabis and what it has to offer individuals. In her words, “it’s an amazing plant”. She worked at various dispensaries in Vancouver, consulting on experiences with cannabis, before moving to Victoria in 2020 with her partner and two pups, Zero and Petra. They have been loving their new home and are excited to keep exploring the Island. We are thrilled to have Haley as a part of the team.



Emma is passionate about all things cannabis, especially when it comes to concentrates! She’s a plant enthusiast and is proud to work with such an incredible and versatile plant. Emma is delighted to help you discover the ever-changing BC cannabis market, and help you make informed decisions to find the products that are right for you!

Preferred Method of Consumption: Concentrates, Flower

Go-to Strains: Ultra Sour, La Kush Cake



Bird has been an advocate of cannabis for 15 years now and has been using CBD since 2009 to help with mental tranquility. Bird moved to Vancouver Island from Calgary Alberta with his lovely wife in 2017 and has found a new home in one of Canada’s Mecca’s of cannabis. Bird loves to talk about cannabis and is always up for a conversation about stigma’s surrounding cannabis use. “I can’t think of anything better than smoking a blunt and going for a hike or a bike ride all while exploring this amazing island!”

Preferred Method of Consumption: Dried Flower, Edibles, and Concentrates

Go-to Strains: Black Cherry punch, Mendos Breath and any Cookies or Garlic cross.