Flight Nanaimo


#101-867 Bruce Avenue,
Nanaimo BC, V9R 4A1


Sunday to Thursday | 9am – 8pm
Friday & Saturday | 9am – 9pm


In the spring of 2021, Flight Cannabis Co’s newest family member opened its doors in the Harewood Community of southern Nanaimo. Bringing Flight Cannabis’ strong pursuit of cannabis knowledge and engaging consultants, our newest location is set to bring the cannabis retail experience to a new level.

Meet The Team

Have you met our Flight Crew yet? These trained experts will guide you through our carefully curated selection of cannabis and ensure that you’re getting exactly what you need.


General Manager

Adam’s first experience with Cannabis wasn’t until age 24, as he spent most of his adolescence with my head in the books pushing for a future in medicine. When Adam returned from a hiatus of travelling for 2 years, he had a renewed passion for health, which included modalities outside of the standard western health care system. He dove into subjects like nutrition, yoga, sensory deprivation, and therapeutic herbal medicine. This coincided with his first job in the Cannabis industry at a local LP in British Columbia. After cloning, growing, and trimming for 6 months, he made a move into the retail market as a cannabis consultant and have enjoyed working in sales and management for the cannabis industry since 2015.

“I am just so grateful to be a part of this early stage in the legal market, and am excited about what the future holds in terms of new products, improved packaging, and increased scientific backing for the incredible capabilities that this plant has.”

Favourite consumption method: Joints/Smoking

Favourite Strain:
Blue Dream
Girl Scout Cookies

Favourite edibles:
White Rabbit gummies
Trailblazer Chocolate Mint Bar



Summer has found that cannabis use has been functional in her personal life to calm her ‘over-active’ brain. Through her journey with cannabis, she’s discovered what works with her anxiety and loves to help guide other’s as they explore different strains and forms of cannabis. She loves fruity, floral strains like Cherry Burst, Mango, and Strawberry Glue! She also loves supporting BC producers and stays on top of the latest BC releases. Drop by anytime and say hi!

Favourite consumption method: bong, or dabs.

Favourite Strain:
Cherry Burst
White Widow
Mango & Papaya indica strains

Favourite edibles:
Chocolate Covered Fruit Chews (Vacay)



Kenley uses cannabis to relax and escape a busy mind. She started smoking Broken Coasts Quadra and never looked back. She started working in cannabis in 2019 and has been dedicated since to learning about different products and effects that can impact different conditions or needs of individuals. She’s thrilled to be at Flight Nanaimo to share her knowledge with others. Her favourite? Classic OG Indicas in the evening and Sour Sativas to start the day.

Favourite consumption method : Bong & Dab Rig

Favourite Strain:
Quadra (Broken Coast)
Ultra Sour (Namaste)
Gorilla Glue ( Artisan Batch)

Favourite edibles:
Sour Raspberry Gummies 1:1 (Pure Sunfarms)
XMG Mango Pineapple 10 mg Thc