‘Carrara’ Rolling Tray


Leave no stone unturned with this marble-look dual grinder from Krush Grinders. The grinder and accompanying tray are elegant and unassuming in your home, adding luxury and weight to your sesh rituals.
– food and dishwasher safe
– stone composite material
– 30 cm x 20 cm x 1 cm

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Grind: Break your bud into pieces the size of a pinkie fingernail. Place in between the outer teeth of one side of the grinder, close up, grind clockwise and counterclockwise to the desired consistency.

Roll: Use the tray as a work surface for rolling your joint. When you’re done, push any excess ground flower to the perimeter of the tray, where it can be easily funneled back into your stash jar.

Clean: Use rubbing alcohol or Higher Standards Supreme Cleaning Kit to remove resin build-up. Tray can also be put through dishwasher for more stubborn mess.


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