The Best Cleaning Products for Cannabis Connoisseurs: Keeping Your Gear in Pristine Condition

Cleaning Your Gear

As a cannabis connoisseur, you appreciate the finest strains, beautifully crafted accessories, and the unique experiences that the plant offers. To maintain the integrity of your cannabis gear and enhance your smoking or vaping sessions, proper cleaning is essential. In this blog post, we’ll explore the best cleaning products available to cannabis consumers, ensuring that your equipment remains in pristine condition.

Cleaning Solutions

We understand that a clean pipe or bong is the key to unlocking the full potential of your smoking sessions. Our innovative cleaning formulas are meticulously crafted to effectively remove resin buildup, ensuring a smooth and flavourful hit every time. Say goodbye to clogged pipes and unpleasant tastes, and say hello to a cleaner, fresher smoking experience. With our cannabis cleaning solvents, you can effortlessly maintain your beloved smoking apparatus, enhancing the purity of your favorite strains and maximizing the enjoyment of each inhale. Elevate your smoking rituals with our reliable and effective cleaning solutions.
Ooze | Resolution Gel Glass Cleaner | 240 ml
Ooze resolution is a gel glass cleaner engineered to give glass the best clean on the market. The natural, non-toxic formula easily removes resin and tar from glass water pipes, rigs, bowls, tools, hands, and even clothing! Ooze Resolution cleaning gel is non-toxic and contains no alcohol or abrasives.
Piece Water | Resin Prevention Solution | 12oz

Piece Water’s unique proprietary blend of safe-all-natural mineral, vegetable, and fruit extracts work to prevent resin from forming on your water pipe, rig, or bubbler. It’s 100% all natural and absolutely non-toxic! Add Piece Water to a clean water pipe and your pipe will remain clean and clear from resin build up. When you are ready to change your water pipes piece water simply rinse your pipe with tap water, and it will be clean! In addition, Piece Water acts as a filter of particulate matter, which may make for a healthier smoke.

Cleaning Stations

Keep your hands, gear, and smoking area in pristine condition with our convenient cannabis cleaning stations. Designed to streamline your cleaning process, our stations provide a dedicated space for maintaining the cleanliness of your smoking accessories. With easily accessible compartments and specialized cleaning tools, our stations make it effortless to remove residue, tar, and grime from your pipes, bongs, and other smoking paraphernalia. Elevate your cleaning routine and create a pristine smoking environment with our purpose-built cannabis cleaning stations.
Pulsar | Cleaning Stations

The Pulsar Isopropyl Cleaning Station is a borosilicate glass stand for holding your carb cap, dabber tool, isopropyl alcohol and cotton buds. The stand is perfect for holding your dab accessories while you clean off the sticky mess. The cleaning station accommodates most sizes of carb caps and the opening for the dabber tool measures 8mm wide. Sold in assorted colours which may vary by location.

Pipe Cleaners

Pipe cleaners are a must-have tool for maintaining your cannabis accessories. These small, flexible brushes come in various sizes and can reach into the nooks and crannies of pipes, bongs, and vaporizers. They are ideal for removing residue from hard-to-reach areas and ensuring a thorough cleaning. Pairing pipe cleaners with your cleaning solution of choice will result in a spotless piece.
Randy’s | 10″ Pipe Cleaner

The 10″ long bristle pipe cleaner by Randy’s are 100% unbleached cotton wrapped wire. These bristle cleaners are perfect for cleaning are great for mild to heavy duty cleaning on your pipes. For an extensive range of other styles check out our preserve section.

Proper cleaning of your cannabis gear is essential to preserve its functionality, improve your smoking or vaping experience, and maintain the purity of the flavours and aromas of your favourite strains. By utilizing the best cleaning products you can ensure that your accessories remain in pristine condition. Develop a regular cleaning routine and enjoy your cannabis experiences to the fullest!

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