You’ve Heard of Craft Beer, What About Craft Cannabis?

Flight Cannabis recognizes British Columbia’s long history with cannabis by prioritizing small-batch, BC-grown products.

If you’ve ever stepped into a dispensary, you understand the breadth of options available to today’s consumers.

While the selection and innovation mark an exciting time for the industry, for those new to cannabis, it can also be a little overwhelming: With so many different products, accessories, and strains to choose from, how do you know where to begin?

“The first step is choosing a quality dispensary backed by an enthusiastic, knowledgeable staff with a passion for all things cannabis,” says Aaron Miller, General Manager of Flight Cannabis.

Aaron Miller, General Manager

The craft cannabis experience

British Columbia has a long history with cannabis, something Flight celebrates by prioritizing small-batch, BC-grown product. These are cultivated craft cannabis products with highly sought-after characteristics, including smell, colour, and texture characteristics enthusiasts of craft beer or distilling will also recognize.

“Small batches yield higher quality products because it allows for a much more hands-on process. The growers can look at the plants that much closer and can trim them daily, for example,” Miller notes.

Beyond the cultivating process, each product is unique in properties such as THC and terpenes. A knowledgeable budtender can help guide your choice based on the effect you’re looking for. While some focus on THC level, for example, much more is involved in the experience.

“Small batches yield higher quality products because it allows for a much more ‘hands-on’ process.”

Aaron Miller

“THC is like an engine, it’s going to drive the high. But, there are other compounds within the cannabis plant called terpenes, and they’re like the wheels and body of the car they guide and moderate the experience,” explains Miller.

What distinguishes an Indica strain of weed from a Sativa is the terpenes that are more commonly found within that plant. An experience typically associated with a Sativa might also be found in an Indica if it has the right terpenes.

When it comes time to selecting your cannabis, Miller suggests using aromatherapy as a guide. Because people respond differently to certain terpenes, just as they would to certain aromatics, certain ratios of terpenes will work better for one individual than for another.

How the cannabis is delivered also varies, and includes flowers, pre-rolls, capsules, oils & topicals, drinks & edibles, vapes, concentrates and seeds.

Gage Cannabis Co Gelato

Gage Gelato

Ace Valley Blueberry Lavender Gummies

Compliance Multi-Purpose Balm

Arouse Dose Pen

Sapphire Kief

It’s important for consumers to have somewhere to go to buy products that are grown in a safe environment and that come with certificates of authenticity, so we know they’re being grown in the best way possible while following Canada’s health guidelines, explains Miller.


Beyond the cannabis itself, Flight also offers an array of accessories, all made with both form and function in mind. Selected for their quality, technology, design, finish, availability, and overall user experience, look for storage options, vaporizers, rolling & smoking accessories, product care, gifts and more.

This article was originally published on Canadian Evergreen

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